Electronic suction units MEVACS (with air flow 40l/min or 50 l/min) present a new generation of suction units. Their handling is very simple a whole suction flow is handled by microprocessor. This designates them for wider using in surgery, neurochemistry, plastic surgery, gynaecology, and thorax draining, at AR-UIC departments, as well as for suction from air passages. There is no service-needed vacuum pump into the suction unit.

It enables non-stop operating. There are special regimes besides classic one – draining suction, pulse suction, vacuum extraction, STANDBY function.

  • versatile application ranges – special suction modes: drainage to 40 cm water column with visual monitoring expand of lung – fine to 20 kPa – high to 93 kPa – STANDBY function – pulse mode with protection delicate tissues – vacuum extraction
  • automatic control function: the electronic overflow safety – the clogged microbiological filter – the storage of parameters
  • long-term operation with very low noise level


 MEVACS (40l/min)MEVACS (50l/ min)
Nominal voltage:230 V / 50 Hz230 V / 50 Hz
Air flow of vacuum pump:40 L/min50 L/min
Vacuum:93 kPa93 kPa
Weight9,8 kg9,8 kg


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