Acrylate – material for a bath-tub production

The acrylate is according his chemical structure  polymethylmetacrylate-PMMA. The  bath-tub frameworks are pressed of  PMMA Altuglas CS and Lucite SW folders, imported by AFOTINA / France/, Lucite International / England/ or Akripol /Slovenia/ companies, whose are the biggest producers. The mentioned materials are designated for a production of the sanitary technology and meet all  of international quality standards, including norm EN 263 and are predestinated to use the prestige quality mark NF as well. The PMMA folders preferences:

  • stable in colour / same colouring on cut edge/
  • they are shiny
  • solid on surface
  • resistant against usually applied chemical solutions
  • they are warm and pleasant by contact to the skin, there is not needed any surface modification
  • can be used by production of complicated shapes
  • wide colour scale harmonizing  to the wall tiling´s colour and to the other sanitary equipment produced by the famous producers.v
  • very good thermal isolation parameters with  contact to the skin, the bath in the  acrylate bath-tub is very comfortable and warm.
  • All the aforesaid characteristics of this material with the long lasting use, easy maintenance, resistance against water effects predestinate its application in the production of hydrotherapeutical equipments.

The production is using pure moulded PMMA folders of the thickness between 5 – 8 mm.

Vlastnosti akrylátu

Limit of tension resistance75N/mm2
Impact value12kJ/m2
Solidity according Brinell21kg/mm2
Information on request
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