Gas Injections – carbon dioxid subcutaneous insufflation , into Trp or acupuncture point with the help of gas injector´s applicator.

CO2  Insufflation  

The application  of CO2 is performed  subcutaneous into Trp or acupuncture point  through a single-shot of a thin sharp-edged needle .  The needle is  to be set on the doser´s  application probe of the electronic unit INCO2,  which doses the  prescribed volume of gas per one compression and one puncture.  It  is, of the medical point of view, so called carbon dioxid  purified gas , which doesn´t contain any   other gas  mixtures.

Characteristics  of Carbon Dioxid – CO

  • Colourless gas substance
  • Sublimation  at  -78,5 °C
  • The final  product of burning of carbonaceous substances
  • The product of biological processes
  • Water – soluble (H2CO3, HCO3 – acidosis, alkalosis )
  • For spa purposes is used in water  bonded CO2
  • Gaseous CO2 is  used in dry carbonic baths
  • The  reflex therapy uses the  insufflation of gaseous CO2 subcutaneously

The  Gas application  and its effects

The applied gas  creates in subcutis  the  so- called   subcutaneous emphysema , which  starts consequently to disslove  in the tissular liquids and changes on a  very weak carbonic acid and with the help of  carbohydrate  enzyme  dissociates to ions. The process causes the  short-term  change of the pH to  the acid reaction („Bohr effect“ – Hb and O2) and thereby  the  irritation of  the free nerve cells – ceptors. The following reaction with ions Na +  K causes the  change of the  pH through acid-base reaction and  consequently creats  spazmolitic, vasodilatory and analgetic effects.   Through this reaction are affected  the  free radicals   and the  growth factors of vascular  walls  are supported as well.– neovascularization and growth of subcutaneous collagen.

Gas Injections and reflex actions

The application of  the CO2 gas   causes the  irritation of certain afferent zone, which leads  through  signalization to the efferent reaction  in the  nerve-centre.  This reaction often  seems to be as a distant one   in the sense of segmented inervation and  thereby are affected:

  • Stretch muscle ( Myotonus)  – favourable effect on trigger points, colicky pains,  pain guide  through nervous system – gate control theory, endorphin system
  • Excess of blood ( Hyperemia) – especially functional at  vaso-neurosis, claudication pains ( direct effect of CO2 on the preterminal and terminal arteries and capillaries)

Indications at neurologic patients

  • Painful conditions (radicular and pseudoradicular syndroms), polyneuritis, polyneuropathis, vertebral syndrome – degenerative and functional
  • Systemic diseases with  influences on the nervous system, headache of migranious origin
  • Conditions after cerebrovascular diseases


The INCO2 unit ´s components are as follows:  the solitary equipment ( control unit),  the applicator, pedal-operated switch,  the source of line voltage and  the polyurethane hose with a reduction for the  connection of the device with a medical gas CO2 supply  from the steel bottle.

The  control unit is installed in an aluminium box with the plastic side frames, which ergonomic design guarantees a good  stability on the operating surface and a very comfortable access to all control and connecting elements of the device.
The optimal slope of the frontal desk, the intelligible graphic, the dimension and the brightness of the LED display enable the easy and transparent manipulation with the device while adjusting  the applicable dose . The operating desk contains no mechanical switch components and the parameter adjusting performs only through light touching of signs  (+, -).  It helps to eliminate the potential failure and keeps the device  in a good hygienic conditions because of no rifts on the surface.
The applicator´s  holder is placed on the right side of the control desk, which  shape guarantees the comfortable inserting , withdrawal  and hinders the  spontaneous droping out as well. On the backside of the device cover  is placed the connector of the line voltage source, power switch, quick –acting coupling for a connecting hose of the CO2 source and the hose´s outgoing feeder  for an applicator.
The applicator´s shape fits very comfortable the right- and the left-handers as well. At  the top  above of applicators spike is situated the operating button and its  compression causes through a microswitch impulse the release of the adjusted CO2 dose. The applicators spike is made of the stainless steel.


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