DK50 4x2VTD for centralized system

Compressor unit TOWER with dryer MONZUN serves as the source of dry, clean, oil-free compressed air for the driving of pneumatic appliances and equipment. The unit consists of oil-free double-cylinder compressor aggregates placed in a solid steely frame. There are situated also pressure air tanks with the pertinent pneumatic fittings in the frame. Adsorption dryer of air MONZUN is fixed to the side panel of the frame.

Thanks to its efficiency and economy operation, the unit is suitable as the central source of compressed air for large dental laboratories, dental clinics, hospital departments requiring compressed air of the required quality, as well as in the other fields of health-care practice and everywhere this version meets the given requirements.

DK50 4x2VT/M, DK50 6x2VT/M, DK50 9x2VT/M, DK50 12x2VT/M, DK50 15x2VT/M
• unit consisting of four, six, nine, twelve or fifteen oil-free, piston, compressor pumps and with adsorption air dryer system.


Technical specificationDK50 4x2V /M
Number of dental units42588
Nominal voltage3x400V/ 50 Hz
Max. current14.9
Output of the motor4x1,1 kW
Compressor efficiency480 l.min– 1/ 5 bar
Displacement800 l.min– 1
Working pressure of compressor *6 – 8 bar
Air tank capacity220 lit.
Mode of operationS1-100%
Degree of air dryingatmosferický rosný bod -20oC
Noise level≤ 73 dB [A]
Weight240 kg
Dimensions (w x d x h)970x1120x900 mm


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