Aquapedis II

Basic description

Galvanic 4-chamber bathtub determined for treatment using galvanic and various healing currents in aquatic environment.

Basic equipment

Galvanic 4-chamber limb bath electronically controlled by foil keyboard on vertical stand intended for
treatment using various types of healing currents:

  • galvanic,
  • Träbert analgetic,
  • Träbert spasmolytic,
  • galvanic commutated,
  • 4 x Sinus (including 1 commutated),
  • 4 x triangle (including 1 commutated),
  • 4x Saw-tooth waveform (including 1 commutated),
  • 4x Faraday (including 1 c commutated),
  • modulated 0,5 Hz,
  • modulated 0,5 Hz commutated,
  • modulated 2 Hz,
  • modulated 2 Hz commutated,

armature system of mixing of water

temperature during filling and shower rinse,

rinsing STOP shower with hot and cold water, digital timer of procedure 1-30 min.,

bifunctional digital indicator of filling water and water in the tub,

white color of bath tub made of fibre-glass

Optional equipment

  • Drilled 2x12 air massage jets of upper tubs
  • Optional color of the side panels selectable from 720 colors
  • Optional color of the bath tub selectable from 720 colors
  • Electromagnetic water softener
  • Alarm
  • Stool Z 364 with adjustable height of seat
  • Ring for legs for stool Z 364


Technical data


Power supply

230V / 50Hz / 1~

Dimensions (l x w x h)


Height adjustable chair


Working capacity of lower tubs

2x20 l

Working capacity of upper tub

12 l

Working capacity of the bath tub

64 l

Maximal capacity of lower tubs

2x34 l

Maximal capacity of upper tub

17 l

Maximal total capacity

102 l


78 kg

<diameter drain="" of="" pipe=""> </diameter>

50 / 100 mm

Cold and warm water feeder


Time of filling

2,3 min

Time of maximal volume drainage

2 min

Protection again water overflow



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