Základná charakteristika

Elektronicky pomocou elektronických tlačítok ovládaná vaňa určená pre vodoliečebné procedúry aplikované použitím masáže pomocou hydromasážnych trysiek s kontinuálnym, pulzným a kolísavým (sínusoidným) režimom masáže a pomocou vzduchových trysiek

Basic equipment

1 hydromassage zones (30 hydro massage micro jets) with adjustable direction of water stream and fluent manual regulation of air intake into hydro massage system, continuous, pulsating and wavy(sinusoidal) mode of hydromassage,

electronically controlled intensity of hydromassage +/- in continous mode, mechanical flushing of hydromassage system,

1 air massage zone (170 air massage nozzles/10 air massage jets) working in continuous massage mode with manual regulation of air massage intensity, automatic drying of air massage system, timer of procedures 1-20 min., bifunctional digital indicator of filling water and water in the tub, armature system of mixing of water temperature during filling and shower rinse, rinsing shower with hot and cold water, detachable headrest Medexim, material acrylate with antibacterial modification

Optional equipment


Stainless steel hydromassage jets Medexim - 30 micro jets

Stainless steel air massage jets Medexim (70 air massage nozzles/14 air massage jets)

70 drilled air nozzles /without 170 air massage nozzles/10 air massage jets/

Automatic flushing of hydromassage system

Built-in foil keyboard

Foil keyboard on vertical stand

Electronic timer of procedures (1-30 min.)

Detachable hose of hand massage jet via quick-coupler (without air intake) incl. Pump

Automatic water filling

Control valve for admixture mineral or saturated water

Inflow made of stainless steel

Valve control made of stainless steel /price per 1 piece/

One-level removable step /ZZY0515/

Two position footrest /VYY0604/



UV disinfection

Temperature maintenance inside the bath 1,5 kW

Colour light therapy S10 - point shape with STOP function

Colour light therapy Koller S30 - point shape with STOP function

Colour light therapy Koller D90 - ring shape with STOP function

Optional color of the bath tub: blue, turquoise, green, pea-green

Optional color of the side panels selectable from 720 colors


Electromagnetic water softener

Backlight of side panels using warm white color

Capsule disinfection with starting packet 42 capsules (only for hydromassage with flushing)

Acoustic indication of reaching of optimal water level during water filling

Technical data


Maximal/usable volume


Power supply


Power consumption

1,5 kW

Input power

8,1 A

Hot and cold water supply


Time of filling /valves are maximally open, pressure 300 kPa/

4 min.

Time of maximal volume drainage

3 min.

Mixing valve


Valve of hot and cold water


Connection of additional or saturated water


Diameter of the terminal of external supply of compressed air


Maximal allowed pressure of filling cold, hot and mineral water

0,7 МПа

Minimal allowed pressure of filling cold, hot and mineral water

0,3 МПa


141 kg

Dimensions (lхwхh)


Dimensions (lхwхh–edge of bathtub at the place of entry)


Maximal height at the highest point /valves/


Height adjustable legs


Protection again water overflow


Ergonomical support handles helping with the entry to the bath tub


ump protection again running without water


Maximal temperature of filling hot water



Information on request
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