Basic description

Balneological bathtub intended for balneological procedures applied using natural, thermal, mineral and admixture water



Basic equipment

Armature system of mixing of the water temperature during filling and shower rinse, analogous temperature indicator of filling water, valve for admixture mineral or saturated water, rinsing shower with hot and cold water, detachable headrest Medexim, material acrylate with antibacterial modification

Optional equipment

  • Aquadelicia MINI with bath tub design of Aquadelicia IX /AQUADELICIA IX only white colour!/
  • Aquadelicia MINI intended for mud procedures /all components made of stainless steel/
  • Quick-coupling and manual control valve of external compressed air
  • (necessary to connect central supply of compressed air or compressor)
  • Inflow made of stainless steel
  • Valve control made of stainless steel /price per 1 piece/
  • Optional color of the bath tub: blue, turquoise, green, pea-green
  • Optional color of the side panels selectable from 720 colors
  • One-level removable step Wellness /ZZY0515/
  • Two-level removable step Wellness /ZZY0722/
  • Handrail for two-level removable step Wellness /ZZY0816/
  • Two position footrest /VYY0604/

Technical data


Maximal/usable volume


Hot and cold water supply


Time of filling /valves are maximally open, pressure 300 kPa/

4 min.

Time of maximal volume drainage

3 min.

Mixing valve


Valve of hot and cold water


Maximal allowed pressure of filling cold, hot and mineral water

0,7 МПа

Minimal allowed pressure of filling cold, hot and mineral water

0,3 МПa


119 kg

Dimensions (lхwхh)


Dimensions (lхwхh–edge of bathtub at the place of entry)


Maximal height at the highest point /valves/


Height adjustable legs


Protection again water overflow


Maximal temperature of filling hot water



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