Gas injections CO2 for physiotherapy

Carboxytherapy – Carboxy therapy



The origin of this currative method is situated in ROYOT spa in France, where it was used for  the first time  on the beginning of the  last century / 1923/. There was originally applied so called „mineral spring gas“ for subcutaneous insufflation – a gas steaming from natural springs mixed with medicinal mineral water. Until the present time this gas is  used in many Bohemia´s spas – e.g. Karlovy Vary, Františkovy Lázně and Konstantinovy Lázně.


It  is a colourless gaseous substance, subliming at 78,5 C. It appears in mineral waters and  as a side product of biological processes. It  is used at soft drinks production as  CO2 dissolves  in water and reacts very fast with water. CO2 is heavier than air, stays by the ground, in holes, caves and in thin layer above the water containing CO2.


There are very strict requirements   for an  applied gas. The gas must be sterile, must contain less than 1% oxygen, less than 4 % nitrogen, more than 95 % carbon dioxid, chemicaly and biologically absolutely clean and harmless.

Medicinal gas with 99,5 %  purity, appropriate to these conditions  is supplied  in steel bottles by companies Linde, Messer, Aga / available in 2,8,10 litres volume/.

Carbon dioxide – 99,5% pure gas – is just effective as a spring gas, even more because  it doesn ´t contain any oxygen.  The  applied gas containing  more as 1 % of oxygen is painful  and it can cause  signs of non – infectious  inflammation. Any content of nitrogen or other indifferent gases slows down the absorption of subcutaneously  applied  gas .


The INCO2 KBX unit using  is appropriate in the large scale of medical praxis not just in the specialized ambulances of dermatologists and dermatovenerologists  but in stacioneries of dermatological amulances,  in hospitals applied on internal patients , but in other spheres  of  medical praxis as well  e.g.  wide scala of curative dermatology, aestetic dermatology, plastic surgery, phlebology and angiology.


The CO2 medicinal  gas is applied subcutaneously with a fine needle connected with an applicator on the dispenser hose. The point  of injection must be introduced into the subcutis. The thickness of the skinfold and its depth varies in different spots at different patients. A gas bubble in fat or muscle hurts. Correctly subcutaneous  introduced gas usually only induces a feeling of tension,  that changes into warmth – it is  more pleasurable like painful  feeling. Before the injection´s application must be the skin surface desinfected.

The applied gase dosage is  about 40 ml per treatment, but not more than 200 ml a day is allowed. The duration of one treatment lasts from 20 to 40 minutes and there are  recommended minimal 10 treatments / one or twice a week/ to achieve the required effect. The  treatment´s quantity  depends of the  individual  skin quality of the patient. The positive effect is recognized already after first or second therapy.


The INCO2 –KBX unit consists of the following parts:

  • solitary equipment / control unit/
  • applicator
  • pedal-operated switch
  • source of line voltage
  • polyurethan hose with a reduction – connects the device with a medical CO2 gas bottle supply
  • / additional  extra supplements – cart with caster/ unit and gas bottle holder/, gas bottle is delivered by other companies/ Linde, Messer, Aga/


  •  Improvement of local blood flow – vasodilatation, congestion and blood excess
  •  Alopecia – increased tissue metabolism at hairloss
  • Scares – of  chronical , androgenic, keloid, atrophic  origin
  • After Acne scar conditions
  • Striae cutis distensae
  • Local sclerodermie – morphae
  • Accelerate healing of  under knee ulces  / of various origin – venous, arterial, diabetic/
  • Chronical spot´s  psoriasis
  • Lymphedema
  • Aestetic dermatology – rejuvenation cure
  • Effective wrincle smoothing
  • Reduction of local adipose tissue
  • Reduction of  skin roughness
  • Skin elasticity increase
  • Interdermal collagen reconstruction
  • Body forming improvement after various technique applications
  • Cellulite curing


The INCO2 – KBX unit ´s components are as follows:  the solitary equipment ( control unit),  the applicator, pedal-operated switch,  the source of line voltage and  the polyurethane hose with a reduction for the  connection of the device with a  medical gas CO2 supply from the steel bottle. The  control unit is installed in an aluminium box with the plastic side frames, which ergonomic design guarantees a good  stability on the operating surface and a very comfortable access to all control and connecting elements of the device. The optimal slope of the frontal desk, the intelligible graphic, the dimension and the brightness of the LED display enable the easy and transparent manipulation with the device while adjusting  the applicable dose . The operating desk contains no mechanical switch components and the parameter adjusting performs only through light touching of signs  (+, -).  It helps to eliminate the potential failure and keeps the device  in a good hygienic conditions because of no rifts on the surface. The applicator´s  holder is placed on the right side of the control desk, which  shape guarantees the comfortable inserting , withdrawal  and hinders the  spontaneous droping out as well. On the backside of the device cover  is placed the connector of the line voltage source, power switch, quick –acting coupling for a connecting hose of the CO2 source and the hose´s outgoing feeder  for an applicator. The applicator´s shape fits very comfortable the right- and the left-handers as well. At  the top  above of applicators spike is situated the operating button and its  compression causes through a microswitch impulse the release of the adjusted CO2 dose. The applicators spike is made of the stainless steel.



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