Aquabela III

Basic description

Spraying desk - Scotch shower with Kneipp function and control valves for circular and sitting shower

Basic equipment

2 massage jets, possibility of operating element´s fixed positioning during treatment, two massage modes through point or fan-shaped water stream, fan-shaped jet is rotable within angle´s range 0-90 °, 2 thermostatic batteries, 2 analogous temperature indicators, 2 analogous pressure indicators, separate control valves for each of massage jets, Kneipp method applicable through massage jet, on the left side /enables immediate change of water temperature from mixed to cold/

Control valve of circular shower

Control valve of sitting shower

Optional equipment

Circular shower with height adjustable legs

Sitting shower

Valve control made of stainless steel /price per 1 piece/

Optional color of the operator panel selectable from 720 colors

Optional color of the side panels selectable from 720 colors

Technical data


3/4" thermostatic batteries


3/4" control valves


Minimal pressure of supplied water

min. 0,35 -0,5 MPa

Water flow /under pressure 0,3 MPa / desk/оne jet /

0–48 l/min.



Dimensions (l х w х h )

890 x 530 x 1180-1200 mm

Legs with adjustable height


Maximal temperature of used hot water


Information on request