Whirling hand bath

These baths are intended for therapeutic massage of upper or lower limps using hydromassage nozzles located at the sidewalls on ergonomically active places. The hydromassage effect of water jet may be made more effective by additionalaeration. Whirlpools are used for the removal of total stress and joint strain, muscle blockage, vascular stenosis andinflammation nidus resolution, as well as regeneration of limbs after an excessive physical strain.


The bath-tub is suitable  for a hydromassage of  upper limbs through water stream from  10 pc of hydromassage nozzles with the possibility of  the water flow direction settings  and air suction into hydromassage system

Standard equipment:

  • 1 pc mixing battery of warm and cold water inflow
  • Digital temperature indicator
  • Digital timer
  • Rinse shower valve
  • Rinse shower with shower head „anticalc“
  • Outflow valve Ø 32 with odor neutralizing closing
  • Filters of cold and warm water feeders absorbing mechanical dirtiness
  • Revers clappers of cold and warm water feeder
  • Electrical junction box with circuit braker and residual current device
  • Electronic triple functional push-button, Koller pump with the massage intensity regulation
  • Air-suction valve of the hydromassage
  • 8 pc of micro nozzles and 2 pc midi nozzles within one zone



Table Aquamanus equipment

 Hydromassage midijets  (adjustable direction)2
Hydromassage microjets  (adjustable direction)8
Number of pumps1
Mechanical flushing of hydromassage systemo
Electronic flushing of hydromassage system+
Air intake into hydromassage systemo
 Electronic regulation of hydromassage intensityo
 Continuous mode of hydromassage o
 Pulsing mode of hydromassageo
 Wavering mode of hydromassage /sinus shaped/o
Pump protection against running dryo
 Digital temperature indicatoro
Thermostatic battery  1/2´´+
Feeder armature of water mixing 1/2´´o
Height-adjustable socles (4 pc)o
Rinsing shower (possibility of rinsing with warm and cold water)o
Colour of  panelboards - whiteo
Colour of  panelboards according ASHLAND 720 color card+
Colour of the bath tub - whiteo
Colour of the bath tub: blue, turquoise+
Digital timero
UV disinfection+
Power supply230V / 50Hz / 1~
Power consumption  (for standard equipment and by running of all systems)0,70kW / 3,2A
Working capacity of the bath tub (l)25
Maximal capacity of the bath tub (l)30
Dimensions  (L x W x H) mm920 x 650 x 1120
Diameter of drain pipe in the floor    (bath/floor)50 / 100
Cold and warm water feeder1/2 ´´

o Standard equipment
+ Optional equipment



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